Transitioning Cycles

Oct 05, 2021

This is a time of faith, acceptance, letting go, and looking forward.  We have all been through the ringer this past year, and it seems to be coming to a crescendo.  We are witnessing the end of the old ways, while experiencing the echoes of the ancient past. These old negative behaviors are making themselves known, only to ask us, “are you done with this yet?” What blocks us must be cleared, so the way forward is made. The planetary movements are assisting us in big ways. The energy of this five year, is also forcing change upon us, so that the loving six energy of 2022 can help us come together, by rising above our grievances in recognition of what is most important – love.

Ascension Progress

Before graduating from the school which this third dimensional reality, all its timelines and cycles must be healed. This is the back and forth, and the feeling of “been there, done that” resounding over and over. We experience this, until we choose...

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