What is Happiness?

Everyone wants to experience happiness! This is one of the first responses I hear from my clients. The problem is, happiness isn’t something outside of you, it’s inside.  

True happiness begins and ends with you. It must start inside.  

When you were young, happiness was innate because you were still connected to your authenticity.

You hadn’t experienced the traumas and negative experiences your later years brought. 

Yet, when you were a young child, you experienced happiness outside of you, because you were connected to it from within.  

Your unresolved negative life experiences begin to suppress these most precious parts of you that are connected to happiness, self-expression, vibrancy, openness, and much more.

This happens because your needs of safety, protection, acceptance, or love were not met, your mind suppressed not only the negative experiences, but also you.   

Now, I see happiness each time I witness a client experience real freedom, as if its for the first time.

Because once they resolve their wounds at the root, release it from the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes, those precious parts of them that were buried beneath those old traumas, is released.

We you do this, those beautiful pieces of you become you again. It is part of your Becoming process. It’s part of your mastery. 

You are here to achieve happiness, no matter what you need to battle to get it.

The battle expands your knowledge, and wisdom.

Accept the challenges in your life with Grace, knowing that liberation, growth, and fulfillment is on the other side.  

If you’d like to learn how you can achieve your happiness, schedule your free consultation.

 Abundant Blessings,