The Process of Consciousness

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In the last article, “What is Consciousness?” we began a discussion. The article was also an invitation that will continue to invite your voice and experiences. This month, I’d like to begin sharing the process most people experience during the awakening of their consciousness. Also, what happens when our consciousness begins to stir and awaken us, and why does this happen?

The Plan

First of all, before we enter this physical reality, we have a Plan in place. In this Plan are objectives we would like to achieve. Everyone’s Plan includes moments when things within our outer or physical world begin to trigger remembrances that are deep within our consciousness. These external triggers awaken and allow our internal source of consciousness to surface.

The ways these triggers may happen include:

  • An event within a movie, television show, or book.
  • An unusual phrase that seems familiar.
  • A situation with those close to you that rings a deep chord or truth.
  • Familiarity with something you’ve never experienced in this life.
  • Sequences of numbers, such as 11:11, 12:12, 111, etc.
  • Numbers of your birthdate suddenly appearing.
  • An accident or occurrence that shakes you to your core.

These triggers begin a shakeup of sorts. They often feel like a slap in the face, as we realize we’ve been running our lives on autopilot. We may begin asking ourselves, who am I? Does what I do matter? Is there more? This may be accompanied by an internal drive to accomplish or finish something. Many times this drive doesn’t make sense, but you know there is something you are here to do. You may also get the sense that everything is changing, which can feel scary. We fear what we do not know. However, instead of running from or suppressing our awakening, we can learn more about what is happening through sources and people who are traveling the same road.


The experience of living life unconsciously can have a rude awakening as we begin to question…everything.

These triggers create cracks in our old foundation of what we believe our reality to be. This is because these cracks begin to allow the light or consciousness to enter our minds. This initiates a need to seek answers, and question what we believed to be true. This questioning widens the cracks, and begins to form doorways for deeper and expanded understandings to take place.

As our consciousness begins to filter through us, more triggers occur to deepen our conscious connection and expand our mind’s capacity to take in advanced information.

Some of these triggers include:

  • Memories of other life experiences and the people within them.
  • Odd names that ring a bell.
  • Hearing musical notes that initiate a deep resonance and internal stirring.
  • Encounters with individuals who seem familiar, but whom we never met.
  • Sudden encounters with others who are on a different plane of existence, through sight, sound, or touch.
  • Lucid dreaming.
  • More number sequences.


Each one of us is meant to become conscious of our life’s path and the choices we make along the way. We must realize that every action we take or emotion we feel affects our reality. Many of our unconscious choices have been initiated through certain behaviors that began in another life experience. The point of becoming conscious is to wake up and realize where we’ve created negative situations that seem to haunt us no matter where we go. Our awakening consciousness understands that our thoughts, behavior, and actions have consequences.

We’re here to make corrections through conscious choices. By doing so, we become conscious creators of our lives. It’s about the evolution of self through self-mastery.

As we allow our consciousness to awaken, every level of who we’re also goes through a transformation of sorts. Our senses become enhanced on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of who we’re. This happens because we’re tuning in to our higher truth or Soul. Our consciousness pulls us through the barriers we’ve created, into a truer reality that is based on love, community, acceptance, abundance, and joy.

We will experience:

  • A need to end relationships that seem to harm us, or hold us back.
  • Increased sensitivities to foods, environments, and toxins that aren’t good for us.
  • Enhanced perceptions.
  • Heightened emotional responses.
  • Joyful sensations within the heart – a sense of expansion.
  • Increased sense of connectedness with others and the environment.
  • Bliss bubbling up unexpectedly from within.
  • A feeling of being more grounded, alive, and powerful than ever before.

When we consciously choose to be fully present in our lives, and make choices that will benefit rather than harm us, we will go through a metamorphosis. As we allow the expansion we feel within our heart, our reality also begins to change. This causes the old ego programming within our mind to alter the pathways in our brain. Then, a chain reaction occurs as our outdated ways of living surface. We must see our mistakes so that we can change them. This opens the door to positive and conscious change.

Abundant Blessings,

Carolyn M. Greenleaf

This article was written for Conscious Community Magazine, based in Chicago IL 

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